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Dear patients -

I hope you are all well and staying healthy. With the arrival of COVID-19, all our lives have changed and at Hubbard Family Dental, we are changing as well to keep every one of our patients and staff safe and healthy. Presently, we are planning to open our office to complete dental services on June 1, 2020. Our office staff will be wearing extra PPE for your protection as well as their own. We will also have strict sterilization protocol so you can feel confident that your health will not be put at risk while in our office. Between now and June 1st, we are open on a limited basis/by appointment only. 

For the immediate future, we ask that you go to our website address: and scroll to the drop down link "Patient Information" on the left. Next, please Register a username. After that, you will wait for approximately 48 hours to access our secure patient forms and then you will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 questionaire prior to any appointment. We are also requesting when you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you stay in your car until one of the staff members comes out to your vehicle to take your temperature. Once you have clearance, you will be taken back to the room immediately and we can then begin your scheduled cleaning or treatment. 

Thank you for your patience. We'll look forward to seeing everyone in the not to distant future.

Best regards -

Dr. Katie Farrell
Hubbard Family and Cosmetic Dentistry